on the twelfth day of Christmas (January 5, 2018), my True Love gave to me the gift of anamnesis

Note: These prayers, one for each day of the twelve-day Christmas season, in which my True Love is God, follow the pattern of that well-known 18th century English carol with a number of the days illumined by the observances of the Church calendar.

O gracious God, on this twelfth day of Christmastide, I pray in praise of Your Spirit-gift of anamnesis; a remembrance greater than mere recollection in the present of the past, but rather the calling into the present and claiming the power of the past.

By Your same Spirit, daily refashion my mind and my heart, my soul and my spirit, my being entire to be:
• Mary’s womb in which the Christ Child is borne and born;
• Galilee where Jesus walks and talks, preaches, teaches, and reaches out to the least, the last, and the lost;
• Calvary where Jesus is crucified, my sins nailing Him to the cross of his saving dying;
• the tomb of His dead body lying, His living body rising.

In a word, O gracious God, by Your same Spirit, make every day a Christmas Day of Your Son’s incarnate life made new in me.


2 thoughts on “on the twelfth day of Christmas (January 5, 2018), my True Love gave to me the gift of anamnesis

  1. Thanks Paul!! You’ve really got me thinking today!! I’ve never thought about “refashioning” myself to a “place” such as the amazing places you listed in the prayer. My prayers have always been about being and living more like Jesus which requires changes and improvements in my heart, mind and soul. Thank you getting me to pause and reflect on significant places too. Now I have to figure out how to take those places in my mind and translate it to positive action!

    So glad to be able to comment here again!! Love your blog!

    Much love!

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    1. Loretta, truth to tell, I hadn’t thought about asking God to refashion me to be a place – in this case, womb, Galilee, Calvary, tomb – until the words of this prayer came to me or, perhaps, more accurately, faithfully, were given to me by the Spirit. Happy to know you find these words evocative and useful. I also am happy that you encouraged me to figure out how to allow comments to my posts! Love always

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