when I pray,
I use words,
professing, confessing audibly
and sometimes silently in the native tongue of my heart
(which, as Nathanael ‘neath that fig tree, only I and God can hear)
my soul’s desires,
which, sometimes, before I spake, I hardly knew.

And sometimes in the Presence of the Great Silence
(when I, sometimes, wonder
and, at some other times, fear this is a Divine signal of a refusal to hear),
I fall silent and wait
and wait,
and, sometimes, wait some more.

And sometimes, after some time,
an image will come to mind upon which to focus my attention
that stills my wandering, fearing mind or
a musical note will sound, then another and another,
and sometimes I hear a song that soothes my fears or
a tug will come, somehow, at my sleeve or a nudge, again somehow, for me to rise,
directing me to my bookcase to retrieve one or another volume of prayers
wherein I find a phrase or two that express precisely more than I had dreamed I desired.

When, sometimes, this happens, I alway find peace.


Note: The Nathanael reference is to John 1.43-51

4 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. Two words Paul…
    Very Powerful…
    I agree with Gayle’s comment. I know to I need to pray more diligently. I find peace as you know from nature, and from hearing and seeing something new. I also find peace in all things orange as if Tim is also sending me a sign.

    Right now I’m listening to the spa channel on Pandora. It brings me peace. I’ve prayed a lot this morning already after reading your post and because I’m in an unusually quiet frame of mind due to the music I’ve chosen today. Thanks for giving me the incentive to focus on my prayer.

    Thanks & Love

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  2. Loretta, your comment about praying more diligently brings to mind the Apostle Paul’s call to “pray without ceasing” (2 Thessalonians 5.17) and leads to me ponder what would it look (be!) like if my entire life – my thoughts and feelings, my intentions and actions – was one continual prayer, that is, an oblation or offering in service to God? This, I think, would be an expression of diligence. Thanks for the thought!

    I am grateful that you are in a prayerful frame of mind and that you have chosen music (which oft speaks to our souls beyond the power and reach of words) to assist your journeying along the path of engagement with God and the cosmos.

    And I love the image of orange as an angelic messenger alerting you to Tim’s presence and continuous engagement with you in your life.


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  3. Me too:)… love your poetry..:)


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