The Death of Difficulty

There have been moments,
many moments,
and still there are moments
when I, by a problem perplexed,
an answer,
which –

no matter where and how I looked:
racing down the labyrinthine corridors of my mind,
reaching ne’er a sure end, only another turn; increasing my exhaustion, and
diving into the cockles of my heart
immersing myself in my feelings, but no sure sense; heightening my frustration, and
crying out to the heavens in prayer unceasing,
hearing only deafening silence; deepening my lamentation –

was hard, yea, impossible for me to discern,
much less, for me to decide.

Ev’ry time this has occurred,
it has felt…it has been unto me as a living death,
verily, a time I wished to die.

Yet ev’ry time
I have submitted,
bearing on my body these onerous crosses of mine irremediable difficulty,
and then surrendered,
laying down my soul in the tomb of my misery,
in time,
no matter how much the passing of time,
I sensed, I knew that I alway had been and was and am held in the arms of Love.

Yea, ev’ry time
I come again to the first time
of this truth that I, by faith, believe for all time,
then I behold my
and my
as the empty burial linens of His risen body…

And that is when I hear, as He spake unto Lazarus, His call:
“Come forth, Paul!”


Note: The Lazarus reference is to John 11.1-44

4 thoughts on “The Death of Difficulty

  1. Excellent… wonderful… at times I feel this too.. thanks so much for sharing:)


  2. Dear Paul,
    My name is Stephanie, and my mother is Kae Bucher of

    Together, we co-edit a new literary collective for Christians, entitled “Jordan Journal.” The goal is to bring together a variety of Christian poets, in each of our themed issues.

    I’m writing because my mom and I think you would be an excellent voice in our collective, and would like to invite you to contribute.

    Below is a link to Jordan Journal’s home on Facebook.

    Thanks, and I hope to hear from you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephanie, I thank you – and your blessed mother – for your inquiry and encouragement. I have located the Jordan Journal FB page. As time passes, I shall discern prayerfully if I have anything worthy of your fine intent to offer. Until then, love and peace be unto you, always and in all ways

      Liked by 1 person

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