Life’s circularity…

surprises…confounds me
(not alway in a good way!).

curved (circular) roadOft I find myself
arriving, I would like to think (I would like to hope!),
at a new place of encounter and discovery
only to recognize,
sometimes only after a time
(after beholding the familiarity of faint imprints of my footfalls
in the olden dust of some past trod trail
and stones I’d turned over at some prior moment of curiosity)
that the space is one I’d occupied before;
a space I had thought (I had hoped) I’d left behind.

When this happens, I cry out to the mist, “Why?”
Then Light dawns
and a Voice speaks thus:
“I lead you back from whence you came to where you need
to go
to see and know,
again, for the first time who you are to be and to become.”

And ev’ry time that happens,
again, as if for the first time, the revelation dawning,
I say, softly, “Oh!”

2 thoughts on “Life’s circularity…

  1. Thanks Paul! I’m always looking for signs and answers of where I’m supposed to go and hoping I’m living into who I’m supposed to be. Life…still trying to figure it out.


  2. Yes, we’re alway trying to figure out this thing called “life”, which, I suppose, is another way of saying we’re trying to figure out ourselves – who we are, who we are becoming, where we’re going. With this last, “where we’re going”, sometimes I think I should add the wording “supposed to be going” as if there’s a plan (God’s? someone else’s?) that is external to me and I simply, profoundly haven’t yet grasped it…and if only I could grasp it, then I would no longer have to deal with disappointment or uncertainty or failure. I guess, at least, most of the time, I’ve relinquished that viewpoint. Life is as life goes and does. I am as I go and do. It’s an adventure and I’m an adventurer. The destination, as a sage soul has said it, is less important than the journey. Much love


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