reclining man-tree

When I would choose (as I e’er-favor, I confess),
to rest,
mine own refreshing,
on the comforting,
though dispassionate, soul-numbing
couch of only pleasant-remembering,
the One Who created me
alway calls unto me,
“I made thee
not to be,
yea, never to be
as thou art,
but alway
to become
as thou not yet art,
which, no, yea, who
is as you,
My Love’s Debt,
hath been
as intended I
when I
first gave you breath
at birth.
Rise, my child,
and come back – frontward facing
your everlasting
beginning –
to Me.”

6 thoughts on “Becoming

  1. Paul,

    What an inspiring way to start my day! To rise and look forward facing to God as I was when I was born. There are days I don’t want to rise up and when I feel that I play my favorite video called Rise Up by Andra Day. If you’ve never seen it, it’s about caregiving and it inspires me!! It makes me want to continue on, becoming the person I am meant to be…. a person who serves others who can’t always serve themselves. The person God intends for me to be!

    Thanks and love!

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  2. Loretta, this idea…image of facing forward to continue to become the person one was meant to be by God – but is not yet – from the moment of birth is that which came to me in the midst of my musing. Although I can grasp it – the idea, the image – and articulate it, I do know that somewhere deep, deep down in the bones of my soul I have a long way to go to continue to conceptualize it and, if at all close to that, then living into it. As for you and your faithful efforts of service, carry on. Love


  3. Got it. Sorry if I misunderstood or applied it too much to myself.

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    1. Oh, my dearest Loretta, you have done precisely what I long for readers of my writing to do; that is, respond within the framework of their own living!

      When I replied to you, indeed, I was responding to you and where you went with what I wrote by sharing where I was (am) and continuing to go/run with my own musing, in this instant case, on this business of becoming. And, for me, I was struck with surprise about where I was taken, that is, that the image or vision of becoming what/who I was not was, yes, ahead of me, yet, too, before me, for my becoming already was and is in the mind and heart of God from the moment of my birth (verily, conception, and truly before that!).

      One more word, for now…

      I’ve oft said that I write primarily for myself, for I’m always in the hunt to figure out who Paul is! If and when my writing speaks to another, I consider it a joyful honor. And, you, dearest Loretta, in your responses, grant me the joy of honor and the honor of joy.

      Love you, always,

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      1. Ahhhh got it!! I thought that was where you wanted me to go and I had missed it!! That’s a lot of joy and honor!! I learn a ton from each of your posts & sermons. It’s usually a lot to reflect and act on which is what you want out of a blog. And you’re one of the best at it.

        Love ya back!

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  4. And, surely, you know, for oft I say to you, that I learn so much – both about you AND me – when reading and reflecting on your responses! Love


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