An Unknowing Prayer

There is much,
so much
I know not
life: its beginning, its end;
and about
the cosmos;
and about
the Creator;
and about
my life: my beginning (I wasn’t asked!)
and mine end (I’ve not been consulted about that, too;
all I do
know is that day,
one day,
will dawn).

To contemplate this, my great unknowingness
is to know myself
(verily, my self)
as one not of substance,
but rather of essential emptiness,
a veritable vacuum…

which, I pray (by faith, I trust) that God,
Who deigns to fill, fulfill all things,
abhorreth not.

In this, my knowing unknowingness, I pray…

prayer -

O gracious God, I offer myself – void of all certainty, any answers, anything that matters about meaning – in hope that You, the Alpha, the One through Whom all things have their life’s beginning, and the Omega, the One in Whom all things find their eternal end, by Your Spirit, may find Your home within me.



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5 thoughts on “An Unknowing Prayer

  1. Paul,

    Thank you for this!! I’m wondering if it’s better not to know some things. I find that following my motto for dementia of having no expectations is how I get through everything!! When it goes well, I embrace it…. and when it doesn’t go well, I tell myself that tomorrow will be better! The title of this is inspiring for me because it says I don’t have to “know”!

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  2. Loretta, your motto, indeed, doubtless, I think, your ever-repeatable mantra of having no expectations in the face of the ravages of dementia, particularly in regard to your relationship with your mother, is so wise and discerning a place for you – or anyone! – to stand. In this super-significant element of life, not knowing (and, thus, not presuming to know) is a good thing! Also, I think, in this, you come equipped spiritually with another equally important characteristic. That is, the ability and willingness to receive whatever comes, alway believing that whate’er it is (thus, even at its worst), something better will come next time ’round. Not everyone embraces or embodies such, what I’ll term, sacred flexibility!

    I think…on reflection…the source of this prayer for me was…is my awareness and appreciation that, as much as I think I know (or, that is, possessing knowledge of this or that subject), the more I am cognizant of what and how much I do not know about nearly everything. Moreover, I used to say, even when I didn’t know something, that I COULD attest to what it would take me to know, that is, what ground of additional information I would need to be able to say “I know”. I no longer believe that. The scope of what can be known so exceeds my grasp that “it” is, well, beyond my ever-knowing! All this said, as a person of faith, I pray that God does not abhor the vacuum that I am and deigns to dwell with and within me.

    One final, for now, thought… I also have become aware for myself the distinction between knowledge and truth. They are related, I think, but not the same. A subject for another time.


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  3. Ahhhhh yes!!!! Knowledge vs truth!! I’ll be waiting for that blog!!



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