Note: A random thought on a chilly, breezy day…

Daily, I rely much (too much) on my sense.
Thus, that surpassing
physical perceiving
is, too, I think, more (most?) likely beyond
my common knowing,
e’en, at times, my believing
or, at least, not beyond
my questioning
and doubting.

Yet whene’er
I hear, in the sudden rush of the wind –
once voiceless and only something felt, then forgotten –
the unmistakable Spirit-melody
that speaks to my soul
a word, à la Pentecost, proclaimed long ago,
prophetic and true,
made now, made new…

Pecan tree - Clevedale (1-23-18)

or whene’er I see
the wave of the breeze-blown trees;
their sturdy arms and fingers lithe pointing,
summoning me,
Porchia’s sage and correcting counsel, once-again remembered, calls unto me:(1)
“Alway raise your eyes, lest you think you are the highest point!”

And, immediately, I apologize to my God.


(1) Antonio Porchia (1885-1968), Italian born Argentinian poet (quote, my paraphrase)

Photograph: one of many pecan trees at Clevedale Historic Inn and Gardens, Spartanburg, SC



2 thoughts on “Sense-less-ness

  1. Hmmm…. Always raise your eyes lest you think you’re at the highest point. Sometimes when I’m feeling low it’s hard to look up very high but I guess just raising your head a little allows you to see the trees blowing in the wind. That alone should awaken us. This would make a great theme for a sermon!

    Thanks and love!


  2. Loretta, yes, at my lowest, too, it is difficult to look up. Yet, I think, alway speaking only for myself, most of the time, as I enter and go through any given day, without conscious thought, I rely on myself – my thoughts, my feelings, my intentions, my actions – to the point and extent that can and do function with little awareness of larger, greater forces at work, be they of God or any other superimposing power(s). Hence, Porchia’s sage counsel is of grand service to me in reaching and seeking to maintain a healthy degree of honesty AND humility. Always, love you back!


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