The Echo

exclamation point & question mark

There is, I believe, betwixt faith and doubt, an echo…

mosaic (symbol of echo)

an eruption of sound and its reception; a forth-sending of God’s Name and its arriving.

Tho’, sometimes, I wonder, is that echo only the mere reverberation of my voice
to which there is not and cannot be a response
or is that echo so because my call, my cry to God hath come to its sacred end
(being a beginning),
signaling its reaching the other side
of this chambered existence in which I dwell,
thus, to tell that God is…and is
Other, yet of,
Above, yet in,
Beyond, yet within

2 thoughts on “The Echo

  1. Paul,
    I read this about 20 times already and each time what kept occurring in my head was my own experience with echoes. Whenever I’m in a valley or whatever and I yell out “hello” I look forward to hearing my voice in stereo…. H E L L O, O O OOO …. I’m hoping that God or someone on the other end heard me. It would be so nice to hear a voice respond, but even when not I still feel heard. I truly believe that there is a big space between faith and doubt… I don’t know what to call it, but I Vascilate there from time to time. I guess that’s ok unless I hang out there too long and drift too close to doubt right? Most of the time my faith is stronger than anything else in my life.

    Much love!


  2. Loretta, a couple of additional thoughts on this post…

    I am struck – though not surprised – that on the 2nd Sunday of Easter (the Sunday following Easter Day’s great proclamation of faith in the resurrection of Jesus) we read the John 20 account of that episode of Thomas who doubts his fellow disciples’ word: “We have seen the Lord.” In this, I behold the crucial and inextinguishable connection between faith and doubt. Faith needs doubt to continue to grow. Doubt needs faith so not to remain in the immobilized limbo of nihilism (that is, the belief in nothing, especially nothing greater than one’s self).

    Another observation… I think of Paul’s word (1 Corinthians 13) that knowledge passes away. Indeed, I believe it does whenever new knowledge supplants what before had been known and held as true. So, too, for the truth of and about God; especially as God is infinite there is always more to know. In this process, truly lifelong, of knowing more about God, faith and doubt, again, are irrestibly and inexhaustibly linked.

    Happy faith-ing and doubting!


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