Tho’ He said it many times, “The third day I’ll rise”,
still, it came as a surprise
(and surprises still)
when he forsook the tomb,
leaving it barren of His presence,
leaving His empty linens bearing the essence
of His corporeal-likeness,
soaked in His sweat,
smeared with His blood.

Why, oh why, when I look into that soul-less cavern,
somehow, I expect Him to appear
(tho’ I’ve ne’er found Him there!)?

empty tomb (Cyprus, Tomb of Kings)

Yet, if…when I listen for His voice, I hear
Him calling me, always saying (never “Wait for Me there”, but ever),
Follow Me wherever I lead you!”

5 thoughts on “Easter

  1. This is wonderful Paul!! It would be great to have seen Jesus walking out of that tomb. I guess it’s just part of the mystery. It also means for me that I can see Jesus in whatever form, wherever I go, provided that I keep my eyes open! That said, I also know I need to stay quiet and listen a little more so I can hear Jesus.

    Much love!


    1. Hmmm, Loretta, “eyes open and mouth closed so to listen”. Now, this is what I consider a worthy prescription for discernment, that is, for coming to know my truth in any given moment. Thank you. Love


    1. Always, Kae, coming from you, “Excellent”, is high praise. Thank you. Love

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