O God, hear my prayer

O God – my divine Parent, my Father,
my Mother,
Ancient of Ages,
before and beyond all common ways
of time’s counting
and the measuring of days –
I pray You hear
this my daily prayer
I raise,
first in Your praise,
then, please,
not for mine ease
of living…


(for life, as Langston taught, oft “ain’t been no crystal stair”
of seasons fair,
of pastures verdant, plush,
of woods leaf-rich, lush,
of waters still,
of balmy breezes pleasant,
but rather tempest-tossed,
bearing the casualty of courage-lost)

…but rather for the strength of Your Spirit
that by Her might I may live only by the merit
of Your grace.



Endnote: “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” is the second and the final line of the poem, Mother to Son (1922), by Langston Hughes (1902-1967)

2 thoughts on “O God, hear my prayer

  1. Love this prayer Paul!! How great this world would be if we all lived by the merit of God’ grace!! Amen to that!!

    Much love!!


  2. Indeed. The struggle for me, as expressed in this poem-prayer, is to remain (to the extent that I can, moment by moment) focused on seeking and asking for God’s grace rather than being fixated on life’s difficulties and my oft unhelpful (read: raging!) responses to them. For, I have discerned, to rest trusting in God’s grace, verily, trusting in God, is to tap into a reservoir of strength; that strength, for me, manifesting itself as hope.


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