Vox populi

A commentary on the day’s political theater

theater curtains & stage

When today’s basileis, daily,
nurture the peccant appetite for self –
courting others to elide their protest of error
and only to sing praise;
counting and cursing nemeses
(any, all who vary
and pose a risk of oppose) –
then methinks it fairest
less to attend the absurdist drama of preening pretenders
and more to reflect on memories of past leaders…

Women and men
who, in their eras, rose to serve in sacrifice the land they loved.
Though, they, human-flawed,
were not sans fault,
thus, failing the verdict of perfection,
natheless, history’s recollections hath been kind
to find them honorable.

Still, the worship
of sheroes and heroes
is worship still;
and no movement benefits,
either advances or avails,
from standing still at tombs
waiting, praying for the honorable dead to ascend.

Nay, ‘tis the people,
alway the people,
in times past and time still,
who did and must rise to cry, “Enough!”

2 thoughts on “Vox populi

  1. Amen Paul, just Amen!!!!! ENOUGH already!! I watch the news sparingly!! It’s all just too much!! Thanks for adding the right words!!

    Much love!


  2. Loretta, for these past several months (which, some days, feel to me as years), I oft have sought to comfort my anxiety with the notion that our American democracy (though, in some senses, I think, never attempted given that we are an ideal-based nation and ideals, being ideals, never are fully achieved) has survived manifold difficult times. In this awareness, I pray America can and will overcome this present day’s calamities.



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