kaleidoscope abstract

Come they, near as soon as evening’s shade falls
and I recline to rest;
stepping from the edges of unconscious shadow,
scurrying tirelessly through the small hours of next morn,
a kaleidoscopic array of
figures and creatures…

Some, imaged-paradoxes, evading understanding, making fools of my senseless glances.

Others, recognizable faces and places long-known, now long-past.

Still others, unfamiliar, yet answering to acquainted names my tongue easily recalls.

Others still, young and old, hand-in-hand –
these I identify as the indigene impulses of untamed naïveté
(I’m surprised to see them; for so long ago I [thought I!] had forsaken the age of innocence).

I waken, straining, striving to reach back, to recall all that I beheld. What little I remember standing at patient attention, yet silent, replying not to my persistent daylong question: What do you all mean?

I hunger and thirst for answers on which my well-being and my still-becoming depend.

2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Paul,

    I’ve always wanted to know what dreams mean!! Many of my dreams have come true over the years so I eventually stopped telling people about them because I think I was scaring them!

    When I wake up, I always wanted to know….. why that dream on that night??? I have questions that are never answered.

    I do believe that dreams contain all the things God wants us to see… our job may be to figure it out, but I’m just not sure…


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  2. Loretta, here’s the thing (or the things) I think about dreams…

    Dreams can be vehicles of divine revelation. (Scripture is filled with stories of God coming to folk and speaking through dreams)…

    Dreams, most oft, I believe, are the emanations of the human unconscious (in which, I believe, God resides among many places), which, when sleep comes and the conscious mind is “turned off”, can rise to the level of appearing in various images…

    As images are symbols, pointing beyond themselves to some reality or truth, it’s up to the dreamer (whose symbols the images, in fact, are) to discern their meaning. As you infer, no easy task…

    For images can and, doubtless, do have manifold meanings. (In this, I think an element of deciphering a dream-image has to do with putting/keeping it in its context, that is, what was going on in the dream as the image appeared. This, too, is no simple task, especially considering that so much of what we dream dissipates come morning and is beyond our capacity to recall.)…

    Dreams, as bridges of the collective unconscious of humankind, can bridge generations, even centuries, thus, revealing unto us matters of which we had no conscious knowledge.

    All in all, ’tis a puzzlement.

    As for me, I’m in a period of very active dream-activity. Nightly. And I continue to ponder the meaning(s) of it all.


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