A poetic reflection on life’s journeying far to find what alway was…is near

Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you?
(1 Corinthians 3.16)


How far out on life’s long (life-long) limb,
how far down the off-road, less-traveled path,
how far from the oft-stridden shore
didst my mind trod,
seeking adventure (even more, truth) far away
from the minutiae of another day (and days)
of too-accustomed, deepest-greyest numbing habit?

Yea, quite far!
Yet, then (and only then)
to encounter (aye, to discover again)
this truth: To spend time’s attention and industry’s intention
trudging ‘round the trunk, peering up at towering trees,
trekking o’er the well-known, well-worn main road,
traipsing ‘long the common sand-laden beach
was precisely where I was s’pposed to be
to share the comfort of the shade,
to see in the distance my surest destination,
to suffer myself to behold the ocean’s might,
and to find (again) near,
there within my self,
by God’s Spirit-breath,
my home.

4 thoughts on “Home

  1. This was amazingly comforting for me Paul!!! We go far and wide, near and far to find home…. It may be where we were born, it may be our favorite town from a recent vacation, it may be the place you worship, it may be where we currently live… OR it may be a place as of yet undiscovered. The house I live in was a place that Tim and I called home. Now almost two years since his death, I know there is a home out there somewhere for me… I may not sell this house for years to come, so I know that between now and then I’ll make some changes to make this house just mine. As I discover where Home is for me, I realize that it may not even have walls or doors, it may just be a place where my spirit feels at peace!
    I can’t thank you enough for this piece.
    Much love!


  2. Loretta, because of our closeness in heart and mind, soul and spirit – you and Tim, Pontheolla and me – now, o’er the years, know this: I oft have thought and think of you since Tim’s death, wondering how you are faring, especially under the roof of the home you two shared; always praying, hoping that you continue to find it a place of comfort and safety. I also know, of course, that you have and will be making changes to suit you life as you know and, daily, grow in it. Carry on, dear sister. Carry on.

    I think…feel that this piece, “Home”, was and is an expression of my yearning to find that place of comfort and safety within me. Trusting that, by God’s Spirit, I am God’s temple, I want daily not only to believe it, but also to live it. Some days, some moments, my living that truth seems, feels, is near and dear; some days, some moments, not so close. Nevertheless, being at home in, with me is my hope.


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    1. I totally get that about finding comfort and safety within yourself. I think I’m on that journey too…. finding who exactly I am… alone… Keep your hope, it will continue to push you forward.

      Thanks for thinking of how I am. I’d say I’m faring pretty well. Every day is still different but I keep trying to move forward. As for me and my home, YEP I’m steadily making small changes in the house to make it my own… it’s been a process. I’m also learning how lots of stuff works in the house, and that’s more fulfilling than I can explain!



  3. As I’m wont to say, Loretta, carry on! Your home with yourself (aye, your self) in your home (as in the building) is a life’s labor of love.

    As for love, love you,


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