Creation Questions

God’s eye
scanned, peered into the yet unborn horizon
of a cosmos unmade;
the Divine ilk quivering in anticipation
of all (in the Divine-like) to be made
that rested,
resided in
(soon to rise, to burst unbridled from)
the Deific imagination.

Spirit-breathing, God spake, “Let there be”
and so, came into being;
gradually, greatly differentiating…

Daylight from Night…


Did God know
that this very deed distinguished,
And that, in time to come,
there would be some
who labored
and some who reclined in day,
others, doing one or the other, at night;
and others still, especially during the latter,
practicing their wicked arts
for ill under dark-cover?

I presume so.



Did God know
the firmament
would be infinite;
thus, never-needing
to fear a Tower of Babel
built by humankind’s less-than-kind,
holier-than-Thou self-identity,
breaching heaven’s harmony?

I presume so.

Seas and Land…

sea & land (satellite image)

Did God know
the ratio
of water to land
of Earth
roughly would be the same
as that of the human corpus;
thus, mirroring,
one body
to another body,
both celestially,
wonderfully made?

I presume so.

Suns, Moons, Stars…

starry sky

Did God know,
as with Sky,
that galaxies
astoundingly would abound
by the millions, billions, trillions,
throughout space
and beyond time?

I presume so.

Creatures of Land and Air and Sea…

animal collage

Did God know
of the theory…
the arc of evolutionary heredity
and molecular biology;
all, through history,
manifesting in alterations of identity,
viability, longevity (and, for some, sometimes not)?

I presume so.


The Creation of Adam (Creazione di Adamo) (1512), Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475-1564)

Did God know
that humankind,
the s’pposed creation’s crown,
in the Divine Image
made a little lower than angels,
in time, through time,
since the Garden’s act of disobedience,
addicted, fettered to power
to o’erpower others,
lusting for pleasure
to benefit self,
oft (too oft and by freewill’s necessary coincidence!)
would prove to be a curse of the cosmos?

I presume so.

Whene’er, howe’er will it end
and, thus, begin

Does God know?

I pray so.


Tower of Babel, a reference to the story recounted in Genesis 11.1-11
Garden’s act of disobedience, a reference to the story of the fall of humankind in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3.1-19)

Illustration: The Creation of Adam (Creazione di Adamo) (1512), Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475-1564)

2 thoughts on “Creation Questions

  1. Just so you know Paul …. I’ve printed this out on pretty paper for Kendal. As I believe you know, she had to be baptized again in their new church in Alexandria. She loves it there, is learning a lot and beginning to ask questions. I’m going to save this for her and read it to her when she’s a little older.

    I’ve thought so much about creation of late…. why are there floods, and lava and hurricanes? is it to erase the old and create new????? Is this how the NEW will take over…. what is God thinking???

    I spend a lot of time enjoying nature as you know, and this past weekend, though it was very cold, Kendal got to stick her toes in the ocean for the very first time… she asked me where the ocean ended because she couldn’t see the end… it just went on “forever”…. Watching her face as she ran through the waves was seeing God for me….the wonder and amazement and questioning on her face is what LIFE is for me… enjoying life and creation even if we don’t have answers to all of the questions.

    This thing is HOT!!!! Thank you!! Much love!!



  2. Loretta, you’ve printed this, so, one day, to share with Kendal? Now, that is high praise, indeed, and I thank you.
    And, yes, you and I (and I would guess many, many others) have had, do have, and will have questions about the creation and the mind and intention of God – what was, what is, and what will be? Somehow, I suspect our questions will not be answered, for there are unanswerables in the cosmos, whether beyond our knowing or beyond our needing to know. (Though I’m not sure about this, I do think it from time to time. For perhaps our questions will be answered or, even if not, be resolved in our living, our dying, and our living on in whatever state, surely, now, surpasses our comprehension.)

    And thank you for your description, verily, a word-portrait of wonder, allowing me to visualize Kendal standing on the shore gazing into the horizon over the sea. Indeed, I, too, can imagine the sight of God in all of this! Wonderful! Wonder-full!

    Thank you again and again, love,


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