It is because…

Pontheolla in a contemplative moment, Maui at sunset, 8-24-11

For years, I’ve stood by amazed,
my admiration, aye, at times incredulity provoking this paean in praise
of your ability (resourcefulness? giftedness? gracefulness?) to see
and, thus, to be
so much that is beyond me…

The idea, the vision, spun from the ether of your fertile imagination,
shaped as supple clay by your resilient hands, becomes an incarnation…

The compassionate word and deed of pity
when lives bereft of beauty
come thirsting to the font of your o’erflowing kindness…

The guilelessness of your clarity of conscience,
truly, your now ageless innocence
that, when circumstance would invite, would compel another’s…my disingenuity,
utters…sputters not an evasive word
hammered out on the lowly anvil of self-interested intent…

The charity of your forgiveness
that, casting a clear eye on wrong,
though forgetting not the offense,
suffers not the call, the claim of bitterness
and with tearless clarity
beholds also, e’en more the human possibility of becoming…

The perspicacity of your wisdom
to see them –
the solutions to questions yet to be asked
hovering at the edges of horizons of yet to dawn tomorrows…

It is because of this, all this and more than I can name
that your light is dearer to me than my darkness.


Photograph: Maui, Hawai’i, at sunset on a day in August 2011

3 thoughts on “It is because…

  1. No words. This is very beautiful, and from only a brief glimpse, absolutely true and absolutely genuine.
    Thanks to you, Pontheolla and Paul, for a wonderful example of love and commitment.

    Love to you both,



  2. WOW!!! Don’t know HOW I missed this but Karen’s response just popped up on my pc!!

    It’s STUNNING!! Light VS Dark…I’m thrilled that you have this LIGHT in your life!! AND that she has you. I pray you keep focusing on the light in your life to help get you through the darkness!

    Much love!!


  3. Karen and Loretta, daily, moment-by-moment, I am grateful for the light that is…who is Pontheolla.

    As I have come to know myself, I live, perhaps dwell at peace in darkness…in the shadow-world of my acquaintance and acceptance of the despair of meaninglessness; though I fight against being overcome by it.

    (As I reflect in this instant moment, the recent suicidal deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain and, truth to tell, all those lesser known and no less loved by those left behind, matter much to me, for they all bore to an existential core of my daily questing and questioning: What does “it” [however defined] mean? How do we ascertain meaning? And what if meaning found means nothing?)

    Hence, I have come to believe…to know that life with Pontheolla is made bearable for me, whereas her life with me, I think, I feel, is made, almost necessarily, more difficult. Perhaps it is that we, as opposites, as the proverbial wisdom has it, were and are attracted to each other; each of us meant to learn and to grow and to know what we each could not, would not have learned without the other. Whatever the truth of…in this, I have the better, the best bargain; for whatever love of the light that I embrace, possess, I know through Pontheolla.



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