imagination (brain in lightbulb)

I find it an amazing thing
that I can experience a thing –
see, smell, hear, taste, or touch it
(or by whate’er combination of these senses, know it),
and then imagine it;
that is, think of the thing
and suddenly see, smell, hear, taste, or touch it again.

I do not know how this works.

Is it because ‘neath or behind everything
there is the idea of the thing
waiting to be imagined?

Or is it because the idea of thing
that waits to be imagined, truly, is remembered,
for first it hath been experienced?

I don’t think it matters.
At least, not to me.
For on this February day,
the sky o’ercast and grey…

I think ahead to winter’s sooner-or-later end
and instantly imagine…feel the sun’s warmth…

I think of biting into a peach (my favorite fruit),
the fuzz on its skin tickling my nose,
the sweet tang of the pulp delighting, exciting my palate…

I look at a barren rose bush,
yet behold Nature’s tiara ringed with ruby-red blossoms,
their honeyed scent filling the air.

On this February day,
the sky o’ercast and grey,
as I long for Spring,
I thank God for memory.

3 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. Paul,
    I’m so thankful for memories!! I try to replay them over and over in my
    Mind…. my last walk, my last visit with mom, my last presentation. I don’t know how it works either, BUT I’m glad I have it. My greatest fear in life is not being able to recall these simple things such as you describe…for now I will continue to relish them! And like you, I cannot wait for Spring!!! Winter is not my friend!!
    Much love!


  2. This is lovely, Paul. I particularly love the peach (Spartanburg County girl that I am)!

    Imagination or memory? Perhaps they are one and the same? Memory may be re-imagining what has already been? I always wonder whether there isn’t an element of imagination in even the clearest memory. Can we actually experience something again exactly the way it happened the first time, even in memory? Or do we add or subtract or embellish based on our desires or fears? So many questions raised by what you have written, the best kind of poem, I think.

    I also thought of dejas vu – the memory of something that never happened, or at least the keen impression of memory when it hits us. It seems you have struck a vein of inspiration in your writing recently, Paul. I love it and am so glad you are capturing and sharing these images and thought as they come. How precious they are!

    Keep them coming, and, oh yes… carry on!

    Lots of love,



  3. Ah, Karen, you are kind…too kind and I am grateful for your encouragement.

    And I do believe that imagination and memory are complementary realities. Thus, behind each memory is an ideal and behind each ideal – which, if it is a dream, that is, something imagined, something hoped/longed for – is an experience hungering to happen.

    Love you, sister dear,


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