On the eve of another birthday…

night-view, lights

I remember flickering, fleeting campfire & firefly lit images
of long-ago times of childhood’s yearning for the coming of summer
so, to race from the city to the country
and there:
gamboling, effortlessly, tirelessly, pell-mell o’er hill and dale,
heading fearlessly, astride a massive steed, down winding trails,
canoeing, boundlessly gleefully, river rapids;
mindless of danger’s pace
relishing only the water’s effervescence on my face.

I also remember first loves and first losses.

I also remember school & studies;
back-in-the-proverbial-day when
“potential” was still untapped, unknown and
mental acuity (if I’d only known!) and muscular elasticity were greatest and
commencements were midpoints between endings and never-ending beginnings.

It is, it seems to me, ironic that,
with each passing instant,
instantly, successively becoming the oldest I’ve ever been,
I reach back farther, searching, seeing the moments of my earliest days.

As I remember, I wonder what does that say?

2 thoughts on “On the eve of another birthday…

  1. Paul,
    Ok so this was WAY COOL!!! Loved imagining those memories as you recounted them!! They were Beautiful!! I can actually see you on the water having the time of your life!!

    Though you’ll be older than you’ve ever been come tomorrow…for me that says you still have plenty of time to add to your legacy. Your memory is still so sharp and your still on your quest love and justice!

    Happy Birthday my dear brother!! Enjoy every second and make a few memories that you can add to your blog 20 years from now!

    Much love!


  2. Always and in all ways, my dearest Loretta, I thank you for you and for your eternal encouragement. Still, I can’t be sure – who can? – that I’ll be around for another 20 years (or even another 1!). Nevertheless, I will and I do take to heart your word: “…Enjoy every second and make a few memories that you can add to your blog…” I’ll do my best!

    Love you,


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