A Prayer in the Advent of Hurricane Dorian

hurricane eye

O God, Creator and Sustainer of all life; oft we behold and marvel at Nature’s grandeur, yet dare we not we forget its power.

In the advent of Hurricane Dorian…

We pray for all who have experienced the lash of wind and wave and the loss of peace and property that they will find swift restoration and resolution…

We pray for all who stand in Dorian’s wake that their and our lives may be spared and that our fears may be tempered by our faith that no misery of this life is greater than the security of Your everlasting Love…

We pray for all national, state, and local governments, all religious and service communities and organizations, and all first responders that their efforts to relieve the afflicted will be fortified by wisdom and sustained by courage to the end of the sure provision of care and comfort.

All this we ask for Your Love’s sake, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

1 thought on “A Prayer in the Advent of Hurricane Dorian

  1. Praying for everyone in its path!! Scary!! Thank you for this prayer Paul!


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