symbols - persons, talking

whether yours or mine,
only have power
we are walking toward each other

(for if [whenever]
we walk, run away
from each other
we seek to escape
[and succeed in escaping]
the possibility
of hearing,
and thus, being made to think about,
and thus, risking believing
anything other
than what
we already think,
are certain that
we know)

with open ears, anticipating,
with open arms, welcoming,
with open hands, preparing
to receive something other
than what,
than anything
we already think,
are certain that
we know.

furrowed field

When (if) that happens,
then we, to each other,
are like fertile fields for the planting
of words –
yours in me
and mine in you –
as seeds that die in earthen graves
only to rise in the Sun’s Light
as new,

leaving us sure
that we, now, know more
than we thought,
than we believed
we ever could
or would.

4 thoughts on “Word-Power

  1. Beautifully crafted and so very true! Thank you! You are so incredibly gifted!!!


    1. My dear Sandi, I thank you. You are kind. And, coming from you, to be considered “so incredibly gifted,” truly, is high praise. Again, my thanks.


  2. WORDS!!!!! Wow that was soooooo amazing!!! I’m ready to run towards someone with my eyes open and arms out so I can hear what I may have been missing for a long time. Too often we run away (maybe running from the truth) when we should be running towards so we can share words and hear words!!


    Much love!!


  3. Amen to your amen! There is much that we (well, striving to be fair, I’ll not speak or suppose for anyone else and I’ll put it on myself), that I can learn by listening to the words of others. And, as our dear sister Karen recently wrote of oft discovering what she thinks and feels when she speaks or writes (this, too, is true for me oft enough!), I also can learn a great deal about myself when I speak or write.

    So, again, I add my amen to your amen!



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