starry sky

“Reach for the stars!”
An olden idiom of inspiration for ambition.

For, as a star is a sun,
its light, burning, blazing,
a bright beacon beckoning
the stretch of one’s hand in hope.


So, ‘twas in an ancient time when,
according to prophetic word,
three trekked west in their quest
to pay homage to the Savior of the world.

ship and stars

And so, as long-ago mariners
and some sailors still,
plowing the seas,
glance at the stars
so, to see, less than by chance,
how exact their course.

sun and blue sky

Ah, but a star as a sun,
too, ne’er is near;
and tho’ as beaming
still bidding one’s wanting,
alway so far away, its light, cold,
affords no comforting solace,
no warmth of promise
of the soul’s longing.

Thus, e’er the difference
between believing and wishing.

2 thoughts on “Stars

  1. This was really cool Paul!! Reaching for the stars – always a goal!! Mom used to say that to me all the time!! One of the reasons I love being outside is seeing the stars shining brightly!! They always give me hope!! No matter what is going on in this crazy world, the stars will still
    shine and that is a wonderful and hopeful fact!

    Much love!


  2. Loretta, I am in agreement with you regarding the constant presence of “the stars shining brightly” as harbingers of hope. Still, one of the elements of this poem is my equally present sense that stars, alway so far away, in and of themselves, do not, perhaps cannot signal the fulfillment of whate’er the promise embodied in one’s reaching out in ambition. Thus, e’en as symbols, stars, for me, are paradoxes.



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