Subtitle: A question or rather a brief meditation on the inherent difficulty of existence

If none ask (nor can they ask) to be born,
then is not life a thing thrust upon them (upon us all!);
thus, something that,
as given and not (ne’er) requested,
rather more befalls,
as an uncertain, bleak path
e’er threatening to break the bones of souls who
(as all must)
dare tread there

forest path

and less beckons,
as in a straight, surfaced road with vista’ed vision

road (with horizon)

which, as highly desirable as easily navigable,
freely, most readily would be chosen?

4 thoughts on “Life?

  1. Dear Paul,

    I found myself drawn to the upper picture of the rough and difficult way. It’s green and wild and interesting. I know I would probably prefer at my current age to walk on the clean, level, paved road, but given my actual ‘druthers, I’d be on the other path with the rocks, the dirt, the growing things, the turnings, hills, and valleys. I don’t know exactly what that says about me, but I can surmise it makes some statement about my stubborn, ornery nature!

    My life has contained some of both roads, but I think I’d have to say that I’ve found greater value and more wisdom on the rougher paths, but then, I’ve never had to walk them alone, which makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

    With much love,



  2. Karen, as always, your words resonate deeply within me. I, too, am drawn more to the forest path than the paved road. I, too, in mine aging and at my age, would prefer the paved road. And, given my experience of this reality we call “existence,” my perception, aye, my belief, which I seek to explore (if not also explain) in this poem, is that tho’ I may prefer the level, straight path, life always sends us on the forest trail, which, tho’, in places, is smooth, ne’er wholly is or can be.

    And, as for never having to walk alone, yes, amen, that does make all the difference. This thought – and I thank you for it – is a difficult, indeed, sorrowful one, for I immediately am given to think of many I’ve known who, for various reasons (e.g., death of a loved one, birth into tumultuous circumstances of loss of hearth and home, kith and kin amid war), face life alone.



  3. Ohhhhh my y’all!! This is an awesome discussion!! I’ve never been a paved road kinda girl so the forest trail is most suited for me….

    Like Karen I’ve been on both, but paved was sort of boring and led to complacency with life. The other path. particularly when I was sick taught me a lot, particularly about fighting your way to survive… and in my life walking without Tim, has been full of thorns, and barbs, but also full of new discoveries that have built strength in me. I sure did fall enough on the forest path especially during the painful house renovation process…. but I’m still standing. Though I didn’t choose to be in this world, I sure am glad I’m here.. I look forward to future paths just to see if I’ve become more adept at navigating them. Even when I get even older I still think I’d be bored on the paved road!

    I hope there aren’t too many typos in here… at the eye doc for my latest checkup…


  4. Ah, dear Loretta, may we all, no matter our age and state of life, “become more adept at navigating (future paths). And may your eye exam go well; indeed, may your eyes be well.



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