A Contemporary Thanksgiving Day Song

Note: Sung to the tune of The Christmas Song (1945), melody by Mel Tormé

turkey platter

Turkey’s in the Big Green Egg afryin’.
Feet up, warmin’ by the fire ablaze.
In the background, Yuletide carols aplayin’.
‘Cause I can’t wait ‘til Christmas Day!

Everybody’s comin’ in the next hour or so;
most near, and some from distant miles.
All eyes will be wide and all aglow;
their appetites as big as their smiles!

They’ll know the food is on its way!
Turkey and stuffin’ piled high upon the tray;
with every side dish that’s imaginable
(including plenty of vegetarian edibles!).

And then too soon it’ll all come to an end.
Folks’ll leave with lots of clean up to attend.
Yet I’ll know that I will say,
“I’m glad I hosted this day” and
(Uh, no, on second thought, this is way too soon!)
“Happy Thanksgiving to you!”

4 thoughts on “A Contemporary Thanksgiving Day Song

  1. Dear Paul and Pontheolla,

    Thank you for the glimpse of Thanksgiving preparations at Clevedale and your sweet Thanksgiving greetings. Ted and I return the same warm wishes to you from our kitchen in Minnesota where pie and breadmaking are underway, with this season’s first snow scenes outside the windows. Your Yuletide carols would be right at home here!

    So thankful for friendships near and far, and for the lovely, welcoming Abernathy presence in my hometown. I know Spartanburg is blessed by you two and all you do to help make it a hospitable, loving, gracious place. Enjoy your family and friends and all the blessings this holiday reminds us to recall.

    Much love,

    Karen and Ted


  2. Dearest Karen, Pontheolla and I, too, for friendships – and, regarding you, Ted, and Emilia – far. We think and speak of you, each and all, often and pray your Thanksgiving Day celebration will be illumined with Love’s glow. (All this said and sincerely meant, I do want you to keep the snow in your beloved Minnesota! For today, here in SC, the forecast calls for sunshine with a high in the mid-60s.)

    As for Clevedale, we have 47 (+ the two of us) coming for dinner. The preparations long have been underway and, at this hour, continue. Tho’ we look forward to the festivity and frivolity, (at least) I confess I’m not looking forward to the clean up!

    Love y’all!


  3. Greetings to you all Paul, Pontheolla, Karen and Ted,

    Wishing you all the Happiest of Thanksgivings….. I hope your day is filled with lots of food and love!!! I know the crowd in Spartanburg will be thrilled with the wonderful meal they’ll be enjoying today!! and Paul I hope the cleanup won’t be too bad.

    Karen I hope the weather in your neck of the woods will be cooperative for whatever wonderful times you have planned for today. Enjoy every second!

    As for me, I’ll be singing the song from this post, as it’s truly awesome! Heading to Mom’s in a bit, then some quiet time in the afternoon.

    Much love to you all!!


    1. Dear Loretta,

      Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes. We wish you a relaxing, loving, fun time with your mom. And quiet time in the afternoon sounds so good, especially in light of the pace at which I know you usually move! May it be a joyful, meaningful day full of grace and gratitude. Ted, Emilia, and I will be with our dear friends who have become, after 50+ years, family. Fifteen grown-ups and two little boys to keep things interesting!

      Paul, I too wish you and Pontheolla clean-up mercies! Forty-nine people is an undertaking! But I can imagine how festive and special that time will be. We’ll keep the snow here for the time being. Enjoy your balmy November weather!

      Love to you all,

      Karen and Ted


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