End of War

A poetic meditation on the “end” (that is, the inexorable results of that historical and ongoing human insanity) of war

world on fire

Whenever humans wage war
the perpetrators and their conspirators of whatever side(s) –

with their reasoned(?), impassioned justifications
to sanction
the killing of the enemy (the dehumanized, demonized “other”)
and their mendacious proclamations (presumptions) about lessening “collateral damage”
of the maiming and dying of the innocent,
all those without the means to get out of the way of falling bombs
and shattered histories,
and dismembered families,
and lost legacies of children who will not grow old –

even before the first shot or casualty,
they, the war-waging humans,
already have surrendered their tenuous hold,
on the alway truth of the commonality of our humanity
dwelling under the same sky of a shared Earth
on the way of wisdom that yearns to know,
that longs to practice how together to live in love.

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