A-Lenten-Prayer-a-Day, Day 10

Note: As a personal, spiritual discipline, reviving my practice in the Lenten season of 2017, I revise the prayers I wrote then for each of the forty days of this Lent; each petition focusing on a theme, a concern weighing on my mind and heart or a care of my soul and spirit.


On Jesus, my truest home (being a meditation on Matthew 8.20)…

O Jesus, my friend and my brother, this Lent, as every Lent, day by day, I seek to follow You more nearly on Your journey to Jerusalem.

The Road to Jerusalem (1833), David Roberts (1796-1864)

You, O itinerant One, having no place to lay Your head, alway are on the move, for alway You find Your truest and only home in doing your Father’s will.

For the sake of this, You, more than my friend and my brother, are my Lord and my Savior. For in bearing my sin on the cross of Your destiny of death, You became and alway will be my truest and only home, where my soul, now and forever, flees for repose.



Endnote: The last line of this prayer, “where my soul…flees for repose,” is my reference to the hymn, How firm a foundation, particularly the final verse, truly, a consoling word from the mouth of the Lord:

The soul that to Jesus hath fled for repose,
I will not, I will not desert to its foes;
that soul, though all hell shall endeavor to shake,
I’ll never, no never, no never forsake.

Illustration: The Road to Jerusalem (1833), David Roberts (1796-1864)

2 thoughts on “A-Lenten-Prayer-a-Day, Day 10

  1. This sure did speak to me Paul!! Home…… I’ve been thinking so much about that of late as you read in my blog!! I’m on the road so much I have to lay my head in many different places. But what always keeps me going is the fact that I know I’m doing the work that God has called me to do!


  2. Ah, Loretta, so essential a thing it is to know who one is and to know why one is (in this, I also channel my sermon of yesterday in terms of addressing the matters of identity and destiny). You, in your vocation of witness to the light of hope, especially for caregivers, amid the lingering, encroaching shadow of dementia, indeed, I believe, are doing as the Lord hath called unto you. Amen, amen, and amen…



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