Pandemic Pandemonium

corona virus2

A horde, viral, invisible,
famished and rapacious,
encircles Earth…

Its emissaries,
by the instant,
espying, eying,
flying, falling,
making, covering victims under the seal of illness,
stealing sacred breath,
especially of the olden vulnerable.

As Nero fiddled whilst Rome blazed,
so, two millennia later,
failing not to forget antiquity’s wisdom,
today’s partisan politicos,
more concerned for personal appearances,
now, ‘round and ‘round twiddle incompetency’s thumbs,
rather than put hands firm to proactive plows.

We, then, each and all, are left to seek, to find a cure
(would that we so do):

In love’s care for all in greater harm’s way…

In faith’s courage in the o’ershadowing, scowling face of fear…

In hope’s commitment that looks past our alway-present self-interest to see, then serve the common good.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Pandemonium

  1. Paul,

    Thank you for this!!! It is so hard to not be fearful of this disease, YET reading everything we can about it and relying on our faith can bring us comfort. I’ve been able to walk away from the news and balance news overload with other reading that teaches and inspires and watching movies I always wanted to see but never made time for. Like everyone, I pray that this ends soon and that the loss of life will slow. i pray for everyone impacted by this terrible world event.

    much love


  2. Loretta, I think that pandemic illness, whether this current corona virus or some other global infectious element, will be our (that is, human life in this world) new norm. As for the corona virus, I think that it will not impact our living for weeks, but rather for months; that is, until there will be, can be something close to universal (availability of) testing and, pray, an efficacious vaccine. And, even then, the toll, yes, in illness and death, yet also in shattered economies – commercial and personal – will be great, indeed grave.

    I’d like to think that I am wrong, but, given all that I see and read, I do not believe that I am.

    All this said, I remain even more steadfast in prayer…

    In hope for healing of those who are ill…

    In peace for those who have died…

    In perseverance for those who seek to develop a vaccine…

    In intercession for those who hold in their hands the reins of governance that greater wisdom and compassion than has been shown so far may prevail.

    For when all else seems dark, I, as long as I have a mind to think, a heart to feel and to care, a soul and spirit to seek God, I can and will pray.



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