A Coronavirus Chronicle #9


‘Twas its move;
the opponent,
our opponent
not across from us,
but above us,
with purposes-cross with us.

And not some of us,
whether black and white, as historic rivals known,
but all of us;
no matter our color or culture.
Tho’ none of us would choose,
if given the choice,
to play.
For any of us,
all of us,
would have chosen to be anywhere but here.

coronavirus5 (earth)

But where else could we be,
but on the board, this board –
in the world, this world;
the squares, regions and nations and peoples,
tho’ seemingly with borders,
none capable with withstanding the defilement of one,
tho’ invisible,
whose presence was obvious;
for insisting on no fair advantage,
ever moving out of turn,
moving on its own terms,
taking, especially in largest number, the pawns, the poor,
always less able themselves to defend,
always sent, thrust out in front of those deemed more important;
yet the rooks,
impregnable towers of worldly principalities and powers,
they, too, fell;
then the knights, those first-responder warriors against all enemies,
sickened, slain on the battle’s manifold fields;
bishops, too,
no religious boundary, however proven true, safe from harm,
and, finally, royalty,
particularly those whose interests personal,
(largely? solely?) political,
who, without compunction
(knowingly? unwittingly? does it matter?),
would sacrifice all the players in rows afore aligned.

No zero-sum game this.

Nay, an all or nothing end game;
the outcome unknown.



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