True Friendship

Note: Today, following yesterday’s social media and newsreel flood of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and my posting of my poem, I Woke Up Black Today, two friends, Kakie and Paul Verticchio, reached out to Pontheolla and me with lovingkindness; one expression of which was a note. With continued lovingkindness, Kakie and Paul consented to my request to share their word to me.

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5 thoughts on “True Friendship

  1. Thank God for Paul and Kakie and for all hearts like theirs. And thank you for sharing this, Paul.

    Much love,



  2. My Dearest Karen,

    Yes, amen, yes, I “(t)hank God for Paul and Kakie and for all hearts like theirs” like you, Ted, Emilia, and your hearts!

    Today, Pontheolla and I, after a long journey into last night with tears, awoke, each of us bearing a burden not of anger (that was yesterday), but, rather, sadness. Then Kakie and Paul called, saying, “We want to come over for a minute to see you.” They arrived, in hand, with note, fresh bread, brie cheese, fruit, and the gift of their tears. Our minds and hearts, our souls and spirits, aye, as I’m wont to say, our beings entire were warmed.



  3. I LOVE picturing that scene, Paul. It sounds exactly like the Gospel being lived on a May morning in 2020 America. I hope you share the story in sermon and in poetry someday. Such moments are the ground on which a new future will be built, I fully believe.

    With great gratitude for what happened at Clevedale today, for you, Pontheolla, Paul, and Kakie,

    and also, again, much love,



  4. Paul,

    So I just got finished giving Lifting the Spirit of the Caregiver. In that presentation I talk about the importance of having a JOY folder on your phone, computer or even a real file cabinet. When things get bad and you are at your wits end you can pick something in your JOY folder that will lift you up. I’d advise you to put that note from your awesome friends in your JOY folder! That kind of love between friends is special! Thanks for sharing it!!

    Much love!!


  5. Aye, amen, Karen, Kakie and Paul Verticchio were…are God’s Love incarnate. And, Loretta, I believe I’ve shared this with you that Pontheolla, years ago, encouraged me to create notebooks with “keeper photos” and “keeper words.” To date, I have 2 notebooks of photos and 4 notebooks of words. When I read Kakie and Paul’s note, immediately I went to my bookcase, retrieved volume 4 of “keeper words” (2016 – ) and said, “This is a ‘keeper note,’ which I will reread on days when I need encouragement!”

    Love you two, each and both, always and in all ways,


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