The Echo

Subtitle: So, God hopes

Times, whenever tempest-tossed,
from Earthen bowels, then world-round
our psalmic cry, ascending, sounds:
“Our God, our God, why have you forsaken us?”
This our call just, praying God come and, from all ill, save.

Yet ours is an echo faint of an ageless Word, oft unheard.
For God, never absent or silent, first spoke and ever speaks,
Spirit-sent through Heaven’s bells of angelic trumpets
and through timeless prophetic voices,
this lament that, descending, resounds:
“My people, My people, why have you forsaken Me?”
This, the call of the Just,
pleading we of our iniquity of inequality repent.

Will we, finally, heed?

© 2020 PRA

2 thoughts on “The Echo

  1. Amen Paul!!! I’m praying that we will finally heed!!

    Much love!


  2. Amen, me, too, dearest sister.

    A couple of things of which I was conscious in writing this poem (for, as you well know, I believe that for all humans our unconscious world, hence, that of which we cannot know with ease or access, is the larger element of our nature)…

    First, I was/am channeling Verna Dozier, especially in regard to her seminal text, “The Dream of God.” I recall many years ago when I first picked up her book, I thought that her reference was our (human) dream or vision of the Person and Nature of God. Rather, her focus is God’s dream for us. So, in this poem, my focus is God’s hope for us rather than our hope in God.

    Secondly, in this regard, I first subtitled the poem, “So, hope us God” (as a play on the common words, “So, help us God”). However, on reflection, it occurred to me that one might interpret my subtitle as our human hope in God rather than as I intended/intend it, again, God’s hope for us.

    All this said/written, back to the top and your response. Amen, me, too, dearest sister. I pray we finally heed God’s Word.



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