A Thought…

A thought occurred on rising this morning. Speaking from the perspective of a Christian who believes in the equality of all humankind:

All Protestant Christian denominations were forged in the fires of protest. The American nation was forged in the fire of protest. Therefore, protest, in these two (and, surely, countless) historical cases, was an essential element of the birth and evolution of theological and political movements.

Therefore, it seems to me, that those who protest against racial inequality and police brutality, each and both of which, on their face, fly in the face of the founding values of this nation, are (in the frequently used term of this viral pandemic time) “essential workers” for the sake of the maintenance of democracy.

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6 thoughts on “A Thought…

  1. Dear Paul,

    Here is my heart-felt “Amen!” to your very astute and very important observation. That will preach!




  2. Thank you, dearest Karen. It was your image, indeed, I’ll call it an ingredient — protestors “as Essential Re-weavers of our common human history” — that was stirring into my mind and heart. Clearly, overnight, some “cooking” was done!



  3. Oh My!!!!!!! Essential workers indeed!!! This work is truly essential as are all the people doing it!!!

    My only question to you is… what will your thought for tomorrow be?? The words you’ve been providing over these past few difficult weeks are carrying and comforting us!!

    Much love!


  4. Thanks, Loretta. As it is at this moment, I have no word for tomorrow. Juneteenth, in my mind, speaks for itself and invites, as all weighty matters, I think and feel, do, individuals to come to their own conclusions as to its meaning. Of course, as I’m wont to say (of the many things I’m wont to say!), if I didn’t change my mind I wouldn’t be doing much thinking at all!

    Love you


    1. I’m embarrassed to admit I have been only peripherally aware of the Juneteenth holiday up until now. That changes this year. I will spend time today researching its history. From what I already know, I believe it should be a federal holiday, for the end of the enslavement of Americans served not only the good of the newly freed people; it was a critical step in the righting of a terrible evil done to the entire nation and to humanity. I believe – hope and trust – that what is happening now is that we are beginning to uncover and root out the sources – the attitudes and propensities of the white race – that undergirded the evil of slavery and still undergird ideas, impulses, arrogance, greed, and a dangerous will to power that threaten not only non-white people’s security, opportunity, and peace, but the security, opportunity, and peace of this nation and the world.

      May this Juneteenth be a blessed day of reflection for all of us, including both of you, dear friends.


  5. Karen, my highest hope in this moment in history of renewed racial fervor, especially as I perceive the cross-racial, cross-societal nature of the corporate personality of the national and global protests, is that enough energy of human goodwill is being…has been amassed, which, to paraphrase the hymn, like an ever-rolling stream will bear all our sins away. At the same time, as I’m wont to say, I will do my part where I am with what I have given whatever opportunities arise. And I pray you well in your research, trusting, as I have come to know you, that it will bear in and you the richest fruit of understanding and compassion.

    A luta continua…

    And, Loretta, I hadn’t planned to write anything, but something happened earlier this morning, which hath led to a coming blog post later today.

    Love to you, my dearest sisters, each and both, always and in all ways,


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