A New Country?

Subtitle: A July 4th faint hope in the face of what I perceive as the long-roiling, soon-coming-boiling turmoil called Election Day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020.


When…if we stop labeling one another
based, especially, on our political biases

(for beyond, far beyond the standard terms and tags,
these, of late, to date, I’ve read and heard,
are the worst – the angriest, the ugliest –
profanities passing as words:
“Lib-tards” and “Conserva-turds”)

that bind us, blind us,
unable to see one another’s humanity,
that we, each and all, one to another
are not alien species,
but blood sisters and brothers of a God-made family,
then maybe, just maybe
we can, we will dare labor to share,
especially in this pandemic season of viral and racial unrest,
a country called “Equality.”

© 2020 PRA

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