Taking a break…

There are moments when the tide of thought,
the seemingly ceaseless torrent of ideas,
once a river,
narrows to a trickle;
the last droplets of inspiration baked into evaporation (extinction?)
by the hovering suns of the current pandemic trio:
one, novel and viral,
another, ancient and racial,
still another, the quadrennial presidential electoral rancor.

So, for the next few days of indeterminate number,
I’m taking a break from writing, blogging, posting.

Nevertheless, I share with you what I’ll be reading…

4 thoughts on “Taking a break…

  1. Paul, I can’t imagine you not writing…. but I totally get it!! When you come back it would be amazing if you and Gayle would lead a book discussion on this book. Y’all have become like Oprah, whatever y’all are reading everyone orders!! I never intended to be on a first name basis with my Amazon guy, yet here we are!

    Enjoy your break!!

    Much love


  2. Oh, Loretta, you are kind to me and to Gayle. Thank you. And, please, enjoy and continue to enjoy your latest and current RVing excursion!

    Love you


  3. I totally understand! I took a break and then eased back in slowly, which has helped the overwhelmed mind and heart some. Caring for your you is essential. Namaste, friend.


  4. Amen, my dear sister. Self-care is essential.

    My love to you with gratitude,


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