I pray so…(revised)

Subtitle: A poetic prayer in a time of pandemic

Note: Originally written on January 18, 2018 and, this day, revised in the light and the shadow of our global ongoing viral pandemic.

Sometimes I wonder…

What happens in that place,
that sacred space,
ages ago built with care
to house the ecclesia,
“the people called out”
from the world
to worship

What happens now on many a Sunday morn-hour
when folk no longer gather for song and sermon,
Eucharist and prayer?

What happens there?

Do the spiritual bones and bodies
of the olden saints
long gone, but ne’er forgotten,
neither in the mind of God
nor in earthen corporate memory,
resume their bygone places
in the pews?

Do their calls, their cries of supplication
rise from the floor
upon which, in times yore,
their feet had trod
spring…sound from the walls
with still-held (to eternity’s breast)
petitions and intercessions of things left undone
through the rafters breeze,
as orisons new,
in keeping with the sorrows and joys of now?

And all to confirm, as the psalmist saith:
“O Lord, Thou Who alway art our dwelling-place,”
e’er abide in this sacred space
where we found and met,
loved and worshiped Thee
and, in glory, do Thee still.

I pray so.


© 2020 PRA

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2 thoughts on “I pray so…(revised)

  1. Thank you Paul!

    I’ve thought many times about making an appointment to go to the empty church for private prayer. I too have wondered what goes on in that empty Nave when no one is around. I decided against going because I’ve found so many different places to worship over the now 6 months the church has been closed. The places include lakes, gardens, hiking trails, my patio and my sacred prayer corner in my living space. One question I also wonder about is what will church look and feel like when it does reopen. For me, I’m not sure it will be any more spiritual or fulfilling than my current places of worship, so it’s very possible I’ll stay with virtual when I want to connect with others, but do my own thing otherwise. It’s been wonderful to watch so many services online… with the different styles, sermons and songs!! Including yours…

    Much love


  2. Loretta, what a blessedly wonderful idea about entering the sacred space and, alone, in the stillness and silence, praying. Moreover, what you describe as your manifold places of worship does not surprise me. Not at all. For I know how much you relish God’s world and Mother Nature. I also am not surprised that you have a prayer corner in your domicile. Beautiful.

    It’s hard, indeed, impossible to know how it will be when it is safe to return to in-person worship in larger numbers. Truly, this is a wait (a long wait) and see time.

    And thanks for watching me online!

    Love you


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