“I” Disease

(A Disclaimer: The confessedly cynical observations of one who, though striving to remain hopeful, has become dispirited by the tenor of these political times.)


Subtitle: “I” Disease is the common parlance term for the condition of Terminal Individualism – a psycho-social, anti-communal disorder in which avaricious self-interest is the foundation of human experience.

The below-listed symptoms, presented in deepening degrees of debility, in the main, are manifestations of a resistance to countenance as real and to comprehend as true any idea beyond the immediacy of one’s own thinking, any need beyond the necessity of one’s own desiring, and any greater cause than the satisfaction of one’s own aspiring.

  1. Immunity to Insight (aka Incurable Myopia)
  2. Invincible Ignorance
  3. Intractable Imbecility

In light of the above-listed symptoms, it should be clear that if (or when) we are afflicted with Terminal Individualism, then it is well-nigh impossible for us to recognize that we are ill.

© 2020 PRA

4 thoughts on ““I” Disease

  1. Paul,

    Only ONE word needs to be written about this post, and that word is AMEN!!! Well Ok, and two more words “That’ll PREACH!!”

    Much love!


    1. My Loretta, I so pray that we all can behold some goodness, some grace through these darkened days. Somehow, by faith, I maintain hope, even when it’s overshadowed by despair, that, despite our human hubris of arrogance and ignorance, God reigns.



  2. My dear Jane, I am capable of cynicism, yet, more often, I strive to stand on the side of hope. However, in this harrowing year of woe(s), which I, now, number as a quintet of tribulations: political polarization, viral pandemic, economic recession, racial turmoil, and natural disasters aplenty, there are moments (many) when my hope slips and the shadow of my skepticism looms. This post is a manifestation of that. Perhaps, in writing/posting, it will have a cathartic (if not also a regurgitive) effect, thus, allowing me to take up afresh the banner of hope (that is, not wishful thinking, but rather prayerful anticipation of better things to come or, even better, finding the grace of good amidst the mess!).



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