Some things I have learned #3

Subtitle: Or, at the least, I think I believe

Sub-subtitle: Or, at the most, I believe I know


Embedded in history is an inherently cyclical element. Things happen – thoughts and feelings, words and deeds, intentions and actions, encounters with others and with one’s self – that bear striking resemblances to those of the past.

At (most?) times, there seems to be little meaning to be drawn from this occurrence. But sometimes things that look and feel like the past can be reflective lenses into which one can look to assess whether one has gained any wisdom (knowledge of the world and one’s self) and understanding (how to apply that wisdom to one’s life in the world). And, in this, the question fairly can be asked, has anything been learned?

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2 thoughts on “Some things I have learned #3

  1. Paul,
    I always look back at a situation and ask myself “what did I learn?” Most of the time it takes me forever to come up with at least a partial answer. One of the reasons I struggle scares me, and that’s because sometimes I can’t remember enough details of the previous event that occurred so I can do an assessment of what wisdom there may have been that I could use in that moment.

    Thanks for the series!


  2. Loretta, here’s the (well, one) thing about the power of our reflections on our pasts: It’s not what we can’t recall that matters, but rather (only) what we can recall, which is another way of saying we remember what we remember for a reason. Our quest is to discern what that reason is. And in that search and discovery, there we find a bit of our truth/wisdom/self-knowledge.



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