Some things I have learned #12

Subtitle: Or, at the least, I think I believe

Sub-subtitle: Or, at the most, I believe I know


There’s an old saying: No one gets out of life alive.

Of greater antiquity are the words of the psalmist who, noting how short is life and how frail the flesh, asked rhetorically: “Who can live and not see death? Who can be saved from the power of the grave?” (Psalm 89.48)

This awareness, my awareness of the brevity of earthly existence has given rise to my deepening appreciation for life. The very fact of it. The very breath of it (especially in these days of the onslaught of the literally breath-stealing, death-dealing coronavirus).

And, with each breath I take, I am aware, not morbidly, but realistically, that I draw inescapably closer to that yet unknown day of my dying. This, too, enlivens my gratitude and inspires my moment-by-moment anticipation and relishment of all the experiences, both sensate and spiritual, that this earthly existence affords.

© 2020 PRA

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