A Prayer and Word for our Land and at a Time Such as This

Note: My beloved America is embroiled in turmoil – political, racial, and social. Whilst I grieve our present circumstance, I, as a Christian, thus, from that standpoint, pray that we, each and all, of my national family will behold and follow another way.

O Spirit of God, blessed pneuma from on high, animating breath of all life: Renew our minds with wisdom, bringing alway to our lively remembrance the words of our Savior Jesus, and refresh our hearts with love, broadening ever our active concern for our neighbors, near and far, alike and different, another and other; that we may know ourselves as those born to serve and, in our service, find our joyous purpose. Amen.


My sisters and brothers, let us listen to the wind. Not only to the ruach of God, coming from beyond, bearing a message of Divine wisdom, but also the zephyr that blows through the world around us, bearing to us word of the want and need of neighbor, every neighbor.

As we listen, let us, too, lean inwardly toward our minds and hearts, then outwardly, sharing our truths, learning one from another; that we, together, may come together freely, fully, faithfully.

© 2021 PRA

3 thoughts on “A Prayer and Word for our Land and at a Time Such as This

  1. Thank you, Paul. I would ask especially that the city of Minneapolis hold a place in your and others’ prayers over the coming weeks. Jury selection in the trial of the former police officer who carries the most serious charges in the death of George Floyd is now underway, with five jurors selected at this point. A great deal hangs in the balance for the city and its people and for the nation and its people as this trial moves forward. I pray all of us can discern what justice demands, what fairness mandates, and what wisdom offers as we observe the defendant, judge, jury, prosecutors, defense attorneys, witnesses, and news media each perform their roles in the ritual that is supposed to establish whether proof of guilt is sufficient for fair punishment to be applied for Mr. Chauvin’s actions on Memorial Day, 2020.




  2. My dearest Karen, I thank you for inviting us into the sacred circle of prayer. Know that we, the St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, Spartanburg, SC, community lifted into prayer your request this night during our Facebook livestreamed Compline. In addition to your eloquent asking I gave voice to my sense that the trial of Derek Chauvin embraces and embodies our larger America concern of the relationship of policing, race, and our communities. In this and all things, we pray for peace in our discernment – our coming to know the truth – and our decision-making based on that discernment.



  3. My Brother-in-law, your prayer is powerful, and I hope, and need it to be answered by God. I believe we can be our own pneuma and change the world for better.


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