A Prayer for Love and Against Hate

O Lord God, You fashion us, each and all, in Your Divine Image, in a manifold array of color and texture, shape and size, in all earthen lands and in every language, in each and every way and each and every one reflective of the glory of Your Love.

Yet when we, in the perverse reverse of Your purpose, remake You in our image, then our sight fails, our love dies, our hate rises, and we see not You in those who appear “other” to us; for they are but objects to despise and to destroy.

O Lord God, You, Creator of all things and of everyone, Who hate nothing and no one You have made, by Your Spirit, reform our minds and hearts, refashion our souls and spirits that we, in our living, love, love, love.

All this, I ask, all this I beg in the Name of Jesus.


© 2021 PRA

3 thoughts on “A Prayer for Love and Against Hate

  1. Thank you Paul!!

    I’ve read this a dozen times since you published this. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE WORD of this prayer!!
    May I have your permission to read it tomorrow night when I lead Compline??



  2. My dear Loretta, of course, you may use this prayer (I’m guessing as you wrote yesterday that you’re offering Compline tonight). I’m humbled and honored that you would ask!

    I earnestly pray…ask…beg this prayer. The Atlanta killings of our Asian sisters (after a year of Asian-bashing by politicos, led by the former president, relative to the coronavirus) broke my heart. I sat down at my desk and these words poured out; almost faster than I could write.



    1. Thank you so much Paul!!! YES it’s for the Compline service tonight!!! I’ve printed it out and am all set!!!



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