A Prayer for Restoration

Note: These American days are tumultuous and treacherous. The lines of political, racial, and social division are long and jagged. Enmity is great and charity in short supply. So, I pray…

O Lord, our God, You, in the magisterial magnificence of Your Love, in our creation, give Your Self to us, making us in Your Image.

Yet, in our freewill (also a measure of Your Love for us), how quickly, how exceedingly quickly we turn away from Your Face; seeking only the mirror of our human reflection. Thus, settling for our minor manner of being; believing that our image of whatever color or texture, shape or size is best in our own eyes. Thus, forgetting that You, by Your Sovereign Love’s grace, hath made us, each and all, not as rivals, but as equals.

O Lord, our God, by Your Holy Spirit poured into our hearts, remembering that You are Love,[1] we thank You that You neither forget nor forsake us. Indeed, You are for us, withholding not Your Son from us, but giving Him up for all of us; thus, no thing and no one, not even we ourselves can stand against us.[2]

O Lord, our God, in Your Love, restore us. Melt our hardened hearts, clear our muddled minds, free us to fulfill only Your will of Love’s equality. Unshackle our fettered feet to walk only in Your way. Stir our sullen souls and our silent spirits to sing only Your praise.

All this, I ask in the Name of Jesus.


© 2021 PRA

[1] A reference to Romans 5.5

[2] A reference to Romans 8.31-33

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