A Coronavirus Chronicle #20

Subtitle: 2 Vax or not 2 Vax is not the question, at least, speaking always and only for myself, for me!

I am an American. I was born and raised (and would choose to live nowhere else on earth) in “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

And, in America, it seems to me, individualism – whether understood, generally, as a belief in human independence and self-reliance or, specifically, in the social theory that espouses personal freedom over communal authority or collective control – is one of our chiefest religions; that is, a body of principles and practices for the guidance of our lives and living.

In this, I acknowledge and honor the choices of my fellow country women and men who have determined that, for them and for myriad reasons, the available (or any) COVID-19 vaccines are not viable options.

However, given my general belief, bolstered by my medical history, in the efficacy of immunization and, regarding the global scope of the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic, which, now, for more than a year, has precipitated an undulating, repetitive rise-and-fall of infections and deaths, here and elsewhere, I have chosen to seek and to receive the vaccine.

In this, as a senior citizen with pre-existing medical conditions and as one who has endured one-round of COVID-19 infection, and as there is no cure, I seek to reduce the risk of severe complications should I again contract the virus.

Even more, as one who values relationships and communal living, I, to be one whom I consider “a safe person,” desire, need to lessen the chance that I may transmit COVID-19 to someone who may be immunocompromised and, thus, find the virus to be especially harmful, even deadly.

Therefore, the question, my question is not whether or not to vaccinate. Rather, in our general, human desire to return to some semblance of normalcy in our daily, societal living, if not vaccination, then what?

© 2021 PRA

2 thoughts on “A Coronavirus Chronicle #20

  1. Amen Paul!! If not vaccination, then what???? Only a couple of things come to mind. I absolutely didn’t want to transmit the disease to anyone, especially not my mother so it was a no-brainer for me to take the vaccine at the group home where Mom lives when the opportunity presented itself. I think it would kill me if I thought I infected someone else. I’ve been trying to “see the other side” regarding those who are just “refusing” to take the vaccine, but it’s hard to understand why anyone (other than for their own health safety) wouldn’t want to protect themselves and others from a disease that’s already taken more than half a million people.


  2. Yes, Loretta, it is difficult for me to understand why some decline to seek and to receive the vaccine…

    Then I think that many, undoubtedly, over the years of personal and family histories have not had good and effective results from vaccinations. I also think it is easy for me to lump folk into that group known as anti-vaxxers, which, in some respects (that is, whenever I consign a person or persons to a sub-group), usually bears a negative connotation. Moreover, it dismisses real individuals with real, viable concerns. Therefore, I take seriously and do not disregard the attitudes and issues of those who decline to be vaccinated.

    Now, having said this, I also am aware that some of my sisters and brothers are operating on what I consider to be misinformation and, in some cases, untruths (e.g., conspiratorial theories about the government foisting on the populace ill-conceived and ineffective treatments for the coronavirus or that the pandemic is a globally-fostered hoax). Nevertheless, as I opined, here, in America, we have free-choice to do what seems best for each of us. Although, yes, whatever our choices as individuals, we affect all of us, one way or another.

    Love you and bless you for loving yourself and Doris, so to get vaccinated!


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