The Meaning(lessness) of Violence

Note: In America, in 2021, to date, there have been nearly 200 mass shootings (incidents of firearm-related violence involving several victims).


Life is meaningful.

(How’s that for a presumptively self-evident and indisputable statement?)

Yet of the manifold ways life’s significance can be understood and expressed, I consider the purity of its essence as the prime vehicle of our existence. Truth is, faith in God or a greater power notwithstanding, what we humans know of life (for all we may presume to know) is this life. And as the world spins on its daily axis with little conscious care for us – what we think and feel, desire and need, thus, in its seemingly wanton randomness – life calls to us, cries out to us to seek and to find some sense in and of it all.

In this, it is no wonder that we humans honor birth and the various and sequential stages along life’s path with rites of celebration and commemoration.

As life is meaningful, then death, as a part of the natural order and evolution of life in this world, is meaningful. Here, too, it is no wonder that we humans honor the end of one’s quest for meaning in this world with rites of celebration and commemoration.

As life and death are meaningful, then, utterly contrarily, all human violence that maims and murders, injuring and ending lives (in a word, precipitously damaging and bringing death to meaning-making) is meaningless.

© 2021 PRA

2 thoughts on “The Meaning(lessness) of Violence

  1. Paul,

    I wish I could give this a million likes!!! Violence is soooo meaningless! Talking seems such an easy way to resolve conflict that ends in violence, yet we don’t do it often enough and grabbing a gun seems much easier to some people. I hope before the end of our lives people we recognize how meaningful life really is!



  2. Thanks, Loretta. This post, as one of my sorrowed reactions to this recent and current spate of gun violence, reminds me of how soulfully wired-to-the-world I am; that is, how, almost and mostly unconsciously, my moods are tied to the circumstances of life around me, especially the joys and griefs of the human race. There are times, many times when I wish I didn’t feel so much. Nevertheless, feel and feel deeply, I do.



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