Note: Now, at the commencement of my birth month and the approach of my natal day anniversary, marking the penultimate year of my seventh decade of life in this world, thoughts of the meaning of mortality arise. This is one…


As long as you speak my name I shall live forever – African Proverb

This soulful, hopeful aphorism, as I look at it (not, I pray, gloomily, but rather through a lens of realism in my contemplation of my life and death), bespeaks a doubly anonymous immortality.

First, the one who remembers and speaks my name may not have known me, save by reputation or through the mention of another. And even when having known me, that one would not and could not have known me fully. (Indeed, the complete comprehension of my being is beyond my certain grasp.)

Secondly, surely, I, when dead, neither can nor will hear my name spoken.

© 2021 PRA

2 thoughts on “Immortality?

  1. Paul,
    I honor your writing; and I will say that your legacy will live well beyond you, in our son Paul…named for you, brought up with a thirst for love and justice, and hearing from us stories about you. We love you, and I believe your energy will continue to exist in this world and in those you have directly touched and our son.


    1. Thank you, dearest Lisa. You are kind to me and I appreciate that…and you. Love


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