Sojourner (toward) Truth

Note: A free-verse meditation on self-actualization (another fresh-into-my-new-year commitment to myself)

Vast, I think, is the difference between journeying through a place and sojourning in a place.

To journey, a place is a point between beginning and end. A land in time and space, yes, with people and history. Yet that I, a semi-interested tourist, may (or may not) see. For a place is a point along (never the point of) my journey.

To sojourn, a place is the point of my travel. For once I enter, I arrive in my destined time and space precisely for the purpose of discovering the people and their history.


Today, I sojourned through my mind’s land. From left to right, I wandered along analytical & analogical trails; with every step, turning, twisting.

As I wandered, I wondered…

On one side, a flow (a flood!) of words & numbers; a playground for my linguist-logician.

On the other side, a kaleidoscopic palette of visions; some recognizable, some not.

On either side, all surging toward me, demanding, as every Eden-living thing paraded before Adam, that I name them.

For these were (are!) images of my people, the stages of my history in time and space of my past being and of my ever-present becoming…

And, as I look and listen and learn, my surer self-knowing.

© 2021 PRA

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