The Truest Truth…

Subtitle: …which, of course, is only my opinion


Of the manifold ways to describe us; for one (and, in this, I confess my distress), we, many of us (and, in one individual way or another, perhaps, all of us), elevate and exalt our personal views on par with the Truth, the right (though, I believe, none can have and hold Truth aright).

Thus, we fashion, from our observations and opinions, our partisan, venerable creeds; leading us to divide (leaving us divided) between swift, scathing verdicts upon those of differing persuasions and blinkered deference for like-minded souls (notwithstanding their transgressions).

When will we learn that Truth, ever polyvalent, is greater than one eye to see, one hand to hold, thus, demonstrating (demanding) our charitable need to hear and to heed others’ truths?

© 2021 PRA

#beingopentotheother #searchingforthetruth

2 thoughts on “The Truest Truth…

  1. Thank you for this Paul!! Hearing each other’s truths is vital for us to be able to able to be ONE in Community as God wants us to be. If only we could stop talking long enough to really listen!


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    1. Amen for listening more and talking less. The more I consider/contemplate it – that is, these tumultuous, discordant times – the more I believe in the necessity of being open to “the other.” I know that I cannot prescribe my believe as the behavioral norm for all. Still, surely, I can follow my own counsel and listen, and then listen more to others.


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