A free-verse poetic word of encouragement for all who seek to be and to do

A seed, a tiny vessel of possibility, falls into Earth’s womb and (no science truly comprehending why, when, or how) dying to itself, feeding upon itself, converting its own rich foodstore into energy, thirsting for water, sends forth roots, stretching farther, still farther for more water; then, hungering for light, in photosynthetic might, presses onward, pushes upward, even hard-graveled ground unable to halt its trek, a verdant shoot breaking the soil to bask in the Sun.

This, a natural example for all great strivers who, in aiming for the stars, attempting any grand venture may suffer manifold failures ’til, finally, the prize is won (or if not, to try and to try again); yet that not an ending, only a new beginning before the next new beginning of all new beginnings to come ’til life is done.

© 2021 PRA

#thepatienceofpersistence #asaflowerbloomssocanwe #thepersistenceofpatience #successisfaithfulnessofeffort

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