A free-verse poetic reflection on the current state of our national political non-discourse

Whenever we, whatever the topic, whatever the relationship, talk past one another, whenever speech, with cruelest errancy, takes flight from lips ungoverned by the charity of civility, for we, myopic, cannot and will not see beyond of our points of view (our opinions being our beginnings and our endings) to acknowledge that others, even, especially our opponents, have views (and values and virtues), too; then we will not and cannot see “the other” as we see ourselves; as human, but rather as demons.

Whenever this happens, all lose and none is safe.

© 2021 PRA

#thepoliticsofdivision #thepoliticsofderision #beingopentotheother #thecrueltyofincivility #uncivilwar

2 thoughts on “Whenever…

  1. Thank you for this Paul!! I wish this was not the case but it’s so true!! I pray daily that we can heal from all this mess!! I wish there was a reset button that would lead us to open and respectful discussion and listening but unfortunately that is not the case!!



  2. Reset button… I, too, so wish that such a thing existed and, thus, could be employed for the good of us all!



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