Natural Formations

A poetic meditation on life’s matter, manner, and meaning


By nature’s divine design, I am my own geology. So, too, are you. Each of us composed of strata upon strata…

of prehistory of ages afore. And ancestors. Some, by name and word and deed, known, many (most?) not. Yet all still abiding in the deepest shadows of our being


of our histories, our personal stories, ever increasing verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter in our day-by-day living


of our memories of our times – our rehearsed recollections, our afterward reflections, our readings between the lines of our words and deeds. All in quest of our ever-evolving identities (being), destinies (becoming), and legacy-leaving.

Prehistory and history and memory. All hard to search. Harder to see. Hardest to share.

So, it is that our searching and seeing and sharing demands a daily life-time.

© 2021 PRA

#beingandbecoming #identityanddestinyandlegacy #humanbeingasgeology #themeaningof life

2 thoughts on “Natural Formations

  1. This was really cool Paul! One of the reasons I LOVE being outside and looking at and experiencing all the different formations in nature is a hat I try to figure out how something (tree, rock etc) came to be shaped the way it is and then compare myself to them. I hadn’t actually ever thought of myself as a formation. Very cool!!




  2. Yes, this! “…I try to figure out how something (tree, rock etc) came to be shaped the way it is and then compare myself to them…” I have noticed this viewpoint/perspective in your writing. I thank you for it. For as you never had thought of yourself as a formation, I never had thought to compare myself to nature’s offerings.



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