O Lord God, you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel (Psalm 22.3)

Whether saying a prayer or singing a hymn, each begs, at the end, an “Amen” (So, be it).

And this whether or not (more likely not) the one who prays or gives voice in God’s praise has divined every heavenward spoken or sung word and phrase.

If this be so, then does it (no, it does not!) matter?

For who, surely, not I, with whatever and how many words, can discern and, thus, declare with fullest intent the will of the eternally inscrutable, wholly unknowable God to whom the orison is sent?

‘Tis true, too, for the hymnists, however greatly, grandly poetic.

Nevertheless, as the throne of God is fashioned of the people’s praises, then let the people, whatever the degree of their understanding, in faithful believing, continue praying and singing.


© 2021 PRA

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2 thoughts on “Amen?

  1. Thank you Paul! I can’t sing but I pray all the time… and I never get tired of saying Amen!



  2. “…I never get tired of saying Amen!” Amen to that!



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