A Nagging Existential Question

We are born to love.

We are taught to hate.

How is it, then, that our sure learning and surer practice of this second, lesser sinful lesson oft eclipses our living trust in the truth of our genesis?

© 2021 PRA

#borntolove #taughttohate

2 thoughts on “A Nagging Existential Question

  1. I’ve always wondered why it seems that we seem to hate another person so easily instead of loving them. Could it be because loving requires much more emotion and effort??


  2. Good question, Loretta. Still, when I speak of love, usually, I am not referring to an emotion, but rather (in the spiritual sense, indeed, in the Spirit-sense a la 1 Corinthians 13) a God-given power of benevolence that does the best for others. Thus, the only question that arises for me about loving you is choosing to employ the Spirit-given capacity for benevolence in your regard.

    Now, hate I consider rooted in the emotion. Whereas love, as I describe it above (although I do not disregard the love that is affection for another, which is an emotion) is rooted in the human will, the capacity to choose to act.


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