A Labor Day Prayer under Corona’s Shadow

Note: Since near the turn of the 20th century, Labor Day has been a federal holiday in recognition, initially, of the American organized labor movement, and then all who work for a living; their endeavors combining to fortify the communal and national economy. The ongoing global coronavirus pandemic has reshaped the landscape of labor. Thus, this prayer…


For all who work from home and meet virtually, who long for the now olden normal (and feel lessened by the loss) of immediate social contact in proximate space and real-time, O Lord, grant them, in their attention to their duties, a continued sense of their personal worth, their consummate care, and the efficiency of their efforts. Amen.

For all who, in the proverbial blink of the eye of overnight, found themselves in high-risk jobs, subject to lost hours, lesser pay and benefits, or dismissal, O Lord, grant them a sense of hope to see through the current dusk the dawn of new possibilities and may others, near and far, whose fortunes hath not suffered as greatly, share in serving those who stand in greater need. Amen.

For all who, under the cloud of sudden change, discerned that now is the time to leave the present and to chart a new course of their life’s labors, O Lord, grant them intrepid spirits of conviction and courage, of trust in their dreams and of temerity in their doing that what they have imagined may come to fruition. Amen.

And for all of us, no matter our state of life and labor, O Lord, grant us a renewed awareness that we, each and all, are bound in a wondrous web of interdependence, the health of our common being alway dependent on the hardiness of our communal doing. Amen.

© 2021 PRA

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2 thoughts on “A Labor Day Prayer under Corona’s Shadow

  1. Amen!!!

    Thank you for this perceptive, prescient prayer for Labor Day, Paul.




  2. And I thank you, my dearest sister.

    Love to you, Ted, and Emilia, always and in all ways.


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