Another Land

Jesus said, “Pray in this way: ‘Our Father in heaven…Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as in heaven’” (Matthew 6.9a, 10).


There’s another land than this. So, I believe, so, I know. Not where. For its boundaries, to an earthly eye, invisible and interminable, abound ev’rywhere. And the inhabitants, a multi-hued tapestry, woven of ev’ry thread from ev’ry tribe, versed in ev’ry tongue, their lingua franca but one word: Love. This in resonant reverence of the One enthroned; ne’er higher, beyond and above, e’er centered amongst the revelers whose one voice alway is raised in one song of “Holy, Holy, Holy” praise.

And for all who, tire of daily drinking the dregs this world’s venom and aspire to dwell in this another land need step no further than where they now stand. For they ne’er need do anything more (or less) than learn to be love.

© 2021 PRA

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2 thoughts on “Another Land

  1. Oh my Paul!!! Learning to BE LOVE wherever we are!!! I can most definitely work with that!! I’m on my morning walk and as you know, THAT is LOVE for me, whether I encounter another person or not, because I know God is always walking with me!! That said, on my walks I’m also planning LEGO workshops in my head that I pray will show and be LOVE for those with dementia and for their caregivers!!

    Reading this was a great way to start my day!!

    Much Love!


    1. Loretta, I don’t recall when first the words — “to do and be love” or “to be and to do love” — became language embedded in my heart and soul. Nevertheless, it — being/doing love — for me is all about incarnating, embracing and embodying who and what God is in our lives and in our living. Yes, we, all flawed creatures, fail at it, again and again. Yet, again and again, God’s Spirit lifts us up to strive again and again. Amen.

      Love to you and, as always, my dearest sister, carry on!


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